Harper Love Adhesive

Harper Love Adhesive
Provide innovative and quality products to the ever changing corrugated box industry


Acquired by 
HBM Holdings
CB Rank (Company) 83,405
Categories  Industrial, Industrial Manufacturing, Packaging ServicesHeadquarters Regions  East Coast, Southern USFounded Date 1978Operating Status ActiveFunding Status M&ALast Funding Type Private EquityNumber of Employees 51-100
IPO Status Private
Website Contact Email salestech@harperlove.comPhone Number 704-588-1350

Harper/Love Adhesive Corporation was formed in 1978 as a joint venture of Harper Corporation of America and N.B. Love Industries, of Australia.

Harper Corporation of America serves the corrugating and converting industries, in the U.S. and abroad, as a preferred source of ceramic and laser-engraved anilox, glue applicator, and metering rolls.

N.B. Love Industries produces and markets a diverse range of products which include starches and adhesive for food, paper, paper converting, textiles, mineral processing and packaging. They serve markets in Australia, Great Britain, Europe, New Zealand, and Southeast Asia.

689彩票邀请码These connections provide Harper/Love Adhesives a deep and rich reservoir of technical experience and expertise to fill the needs of the corrugating industry.

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Harper Love Adhesive was acquired by HBM Holdings on Jan 2, 2020.Harper Love Adhesive has raised 1 round. This was a Private Equity round raised on Apr 28, 2014.Harper Love Adhesive is funded by Graycliff Partners.Harper Love Adhesive is actively using 13 technologies for its website. These include SPFGoogle Analytics, and Apache.Harper Love Adhesive is ranked 6,633,863 among websites globally based on its 1,007 monthly web visitors.Harper Love Adhesive employees are showing high interest in WorkstationsCardlytics, and End-of-Life (EOL).Harper Love Adhesive has $13.8M in estimated revenue annually. Harper Love Adhesive competes with Master BondAmerican Chemical, and Wisdom Adhesives Worldwide.This year, Harper Love Adhesive is projected to spend $268.3K on IT.
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