European Blockchain Convention 2020


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Number of Speakers 33
Number of Sponsors 34
European Blockchain Convention 2020
European Blockchain Convention brings tech leaders, regulators, investors, and corporations for the blockchain industry.
Event Type  Conference Category  Blockchain, Business Development, Business IntelligenceRegions  European Union (EU)Event Organizers  European blockchain conventionStart Date Jan 20, 2020End Date Jan 21, 2020Venue Name Hotel NH Collection Barcelona TowerEvent URL Registration URL 

689彩票邀请码European Blockchain Convention is a two-day event that brings tech leaders, regulators, investors, and corporations for the blockchain industry. They focus on real-life applications of blockchain and DLT in industries such as energy, finance, supply chain, government, insurance, healthcare, retail, and mobility. Its mission is to provide world-class content in collaboration with the brightest minds in the space, while they facilitate an exclusive networking environment where all participants meet to form business relationships and seek potential partners for ventures.

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Number of Sponsors 34
22@Network is a nonprofit association that promotes interaction and network.
Aeutransmer is a national non-profit association that brings together large loader companies and users of freight transport.
Ajuntament de Barcelona
Ajuntament de Barcelona is the official website of Barcelona, Spain.
Asociación Ingenieros ICAI
Asociación Ingenieros ICAI brings together engineers from ICAI whose degrees are those of Electromechanical Engineer or Industrial Engineer.
Associació Catalana d'Empreses Consultores
Associació Catalana d'Empreses Consultores is a non-profit association that brings together the consultants based or implemented.
Barcinno is the collaborative platform sharing the news, knowledge & events of Barcelona’s startup, tech and innovation communities.

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